blu-ray player repair

a blu-ray player I picked up sometime back that didn’t work, but now does…=D

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  1. elcheapouno

    @hdna12 thanx bro! the dreamcast is a great system to keep around! =D

  2. Hey nice repair wish I knew how to repair things like that. I remember when I had my PS3 Bluray Player falling to read any disc. Wow you’ve got a dreamcast still I still got mine. Nice!

  3. @elcheapouno lol i thought maybe you were one of the people who buy blu-ray cuz they just think its special lol i subbed also cuz i like you videos and i think you should start doing some game reviews i think it would be cool

  4. elcheapouno

    because im just testing it…;p

  5. just a random question why are you watching blu-rays on a tv that isn’t HD?

  6. Nice fix. Who knows what some people are thinking when they’re fingering around in stuff like that.

  7. elcheapouno

    may not do everything, but its
    way better than paying 35 smackers
    for a replacement!…=0

  8. james42519

    @james42519 oh what modle is that too.

  9. james42519

    @elcheapouno oh that’s nice. universal remotes sometimes don’t have all the buttons for stuff though so might not be able to do everything. not sure if samsung has a universal remote though so.

  10. elcheapouno

    thanx dude!

    I had some other vids I was going to up sometime
    back, but my hard drive decided it wanted to crap out,
    and I lost all my stuff….=/

  11. elcheapouno


    thanx dude, Im very happy I did!

  12. elcheapouno

    thanx man!
    it would have been super if it wasn’t for
    having to adjust the laser height …;p

  13. elcheapouno

    lol, so true!
    makes me wounder if they’ll ever
    come up with something that doesn’t
    fail @ the hole tray assembly.

  14. elcheapouno

    the best price of all, free!…lol
    the other day I was a @ wally world,
    and seen some universal remotes
    for around 10$, so I think I should be all good….=D

  15. thomas3120

    awesome man! great fix :)

  16. kreeboy411

    pretty sweet fix! :)

  17. lukemorse1

    excellent stuff bro! great to see some more vids from ya and repair vids at that, just perfect!

  18. Wow! Good job fixing that player!!

  19. RetroGameTech

    Nice!, I love easy fixes like this.

  20. n8great321

    I had to do something similar with my Sega CD model one. It made a grinding noise and wouldn’t load discs. Funny how the technology improves but the same problems persist.

  21. james42519

    that’s nice. how much was it? think you can get a replacement remote on samsung web site for not much. jsut have to figer out which one it is going by modle number of the blu ray i guess.

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